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Combining the durability of steel with the look and feel of slate or shingles

The interlocking Centura panels can resist even hurricane-force winds while the quality G90 galvanized steel provides unmatched fire protection for your home. With continuous integrated nailing flange, the panel interlock interlock on all sides and the fasteners are completely concealed. The roof system is installed from the roof upward and is designed to have the look of dimensional shingles or slate. At 1/4 the weight of conventional roofing shingles, Centura can be installed over most existing roofs.

In keeping with the goal of the Green American Home brand to offer products from steel that are environmentally friendly, Centura is produced from steel that has 35% recycled content, allowing project owners to close the recycling loop. Additionally, the coatings are Energy Star listed for their ability to reflect radiant heat, keeping homes naturally cooler in warm weather. Summer electric savings of 20% and even more are not uncommon.

Available options:

Panel Exposure:
Panels / Square:
Weight / Square:
76 lbs.
Test Data:
UL 1897 and 790
Product Material:
ASTM A653 G90 Galvanized 29 Gauge, Kynar 500®/Hylar500® Finish
Fastening Detail:
Continuous integrated nailing flange. Four-way interlock.

To obtain a copy of the detail manual, please contact Gulf Coast Supply at info@gulfcoastsupply.com or call 1-888-393-0335.

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